Exhibit your Artworks (Solo/Group)


1 Prepare Artist's Biodata (To copy and paste in the Submittal Form)
How to Prepare?
On Computer:
Use Text Editor like MS Word or Notepad
On Mobile Phone:
Use Text Editor like Notes
2 Get Passport size Photo of Artist, Preferably (JPG between 20 & 100 Kb)
Rename the Photo File with First 3 letters of Artist's Name
For example xxx
How to Reduce/Increase the Size of the Photo File?
On Computer:
1. Open the Photo File in MS Paint
2. Home >> Resize >> select the Maintain aspect ratio check box so that the resized image will have the same aspect ratio as the original picture
3. Reduce or Increase the File Size as required
On Mobile Phone:
Use App like Reduce Images

How to Rename the Photo File?
On Computer:
Right-click on the Photo File and Select Rename, or Select the file and press F2. Type the new name and press Enter or click Rename.
On Mobile Phone:
Tap the Image, in the new window with the image, tap the dropdown menu in the top right of the screen. Select Rename from the menu and Type the New name and tap OK.
3 Get Photo of Artworks, Preferably (JPG between 50 & 200 Kb)
Rename the Photo Files with First 3 letters of Artist's Name and Serial Number of Artworks
For example xxx1, xxx2, xxx3 etc.
4 Prepare Details of all Artworks in sheet of paper to avoid confusion while Submitting
(a) Write Serial No. of the Artwork: 1
(b) Draw a small rough sketch of the Artwork
(c) Write File Name of the Artwork: xxx1
(d) Title:
(e) Category:
(f) Medium:
(g) Surface:
(h) Height:
(i) Width:
(j) Breadth:
(k) Year of Creation:
(l) Price:
5 Go to Top Menu Link Submit >> Biodata and Artist's Photo
Fill up the Form, upload photo File xxx and Submit
6 Go to Top Menu Link Submit >> Artwork and Details
Fill up the Form, upload photo File xxx1 and Submit
7 Repeat step 6 to Submit next Artwork

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